SHINE is a historical journey linking five of Northamptonshire's finest churches through a celebration of their unique heritage

All Saints' Church, Brixworth

17th September 2011

All Saints Church, Brixworth is the oldest of those in the Shine project. There is some debate about the exact date as the building has been rebuilt and improved over time, but some parts date as far back as the year 670.

At that time, Brixworth was in the powerful, Christian kingdom of Mercia, and All Saints is a substantial monument to the early days of Christianity in England. For over thirteen hundred years people have been using this church, and exploring the peace and calm and spirituality it offers. As the building is older than any documentary references to it, there are plenty of mysteries to be explored.

The first of our illumination events, Brixworth was a chance for everyone to see what Shine was all about, and it attracted an impressive crowd of local residents, heritage partners and passing dignitaries, including the newly-appointed Bishop of Brixworth. Brixworth Primary School Choir performed (with some fantastic choreographed actions!) and the All Saints Church Choir helped draw the evening to a close.



To coincide with Shine, The Mighty Creatives kindly sponsored children and young adults from Northamptonshire to learn film-making skills and techniques in a series of workshops. These newfound skills were used to document the Shine events in their area, reporting for The Mighty Creatives' Journals Project and local archives.

Audio Tour

Watch This Space created internal audio tours for each of the five Shine churches. You can listen to the tour for All Saints, Brixworth using the player below, or download it to a mobile device and use it to explore the church next time you visit.


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